Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) is an autosomal recessive condition associated with a marked increase in the development of cancers mainly of the skin and eyes. Commonly detected at the age of 1 to 2 years. Regional Dermatology Training Centre (RDTC) plays a major role in caring this group of people. XP program was incorporated in the PWA care program since they both suffer from sun induced cancers. In 2017 it was detached from PWA care program with the collaboration of RDTC and Ramon Y Cajal Hospital, Madrid, Spain. The program aims at providing awareness of damaging effects of UV radiation by conducting outreach programs, perform surgeries and supply sunscreen (SPF 50+), hats, sunglasses and Imiquimod.


To expand the program to all regions of Tanzania and build a good reputation 
in the area of prevention of XP related cancers.


To provide quality preventive services that surpasses the expectations of people 
with XP.


To build a program that will help people with XP to be mindful of damaging 
effects of sun by giving the right and timely information.

Core value

We believe in treating XP people with respect and passionate.

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