The Comprehensive Care Programme for PWA

is an RDTC based programme, that was started in 1993 with the aim of assisting hundreds
of PWAs (Persons with Albinisms)with prevention of cancer and treatment of complications. 

In finding a sustainable way to provide the PWAs of Tanzania quality preventive measurements,
the RDTCalso launchedthe Kilimanjaro Sunscreen Care Unit (KSPU) in 2012. The unit based in RDTC
manufactures local of sunscreen lotions to be delivered free of charge to PWAs in Tanzania.

The KSPU offers a double advantage; it ensures the supplying of free sunscreen lotions to the 
PWAs through an initiative that is locally managed and therefore does not rely on external donations
of commercial products. The KSPU also focuses on education of sun protection,

building capacity among the beneficiaries (PWA) and key persons of the community 
such as health workers, teachers, matrons, care givers, etc.

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